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Our Story

Have you ever loved the skirt of a dress but disliked the top?  Have you ever fallen in love with a gorgeous top but the bottom was just so-so? Yeah- us too.

A few years ago, I went wedding dress shopping with my cousin. After visiting several bridal boutiques and trying on several dresses, there were two gowns that just took the bride’s breath away. There was an itsy-bitsy problem… which one? One had the skirt and fabric she wanted, the other had the structured top she needed. Being a designer, my spider senses started tingling. Oh the possibilities. Why do we have to be tied to one design? What if we just pick and choose the styles and silhouettes we want so we never have to compromise? And that’s when the idea was born.



We started with a random survey to women in the entire country and found out that more than 75% were at least interested in our idea. We did a little research, well- we did a LOT of research, then we designed several collections that can all be integrated. Then we built prototypes, contacted lawyers, filed a patent, did more research…and through all the process and all these years, this labor of love has remained steadfast and in the center of our lives.

Our product is a series of interchangeable parts that allow the wearer to change the look of the dress endlessly through a series of tops, bottoms, accessories and overlays. These can then be removed and reused for future occasions. We have a solid goal to aim for.  Perfect! We are set right?  Wrong. We want more.

And I’m not saying wilder dreams, this is pretty amazing as is- but something even more profound took a hold of our business mission and vision. Now, providing customizable, convertible, couture quality garments for brides was not enough if we could not do it while changing the community around us.



I, Carla, am a dreamer. I believe in the good of people, love the earth, its animals, resources and natural beauty. I believe it is the moral responsibility of any corporation or business entity to change the status quo and do business in a sustainable manner. For that reason, Carla Valcárcel is on a path to sustainability. Our decisions are made with the intention to minimize our ecological footprint while being ethical in our decisions.

It has been incredibly hard to find sustainable and ethical resources in this unforgiving fashion industry.  It doesn’t deter us.  Every day we find people that bring us closer to our ultimate goal; to be a Zero Waste garment manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico, USA. Those are very big goals people!



To date, we have created a simple yet sophisticated debut collection. These designs are the very basic silhouettes in the bridal world. This is our blank, eco-friendly canvas.

  • The dress is constructed with RePET fabrics made of 50% recycled water bottles.
  • We minimize the use of plastic in our packaging.
  • 50% of our production is done locally.
  • We plan to launch alternate natural fiber collections in the near future.

But this is only the beginning. Our vision boards are pretty aggressive! We want to create a manufacturing facility that is LEED certified, uses the sun for energy, foliage for heat management and energy efficiency, closed water circuits for reduced waste with a cute Zero Waste bulk shop for the employees. We want our team members to be comfortable with good salaries, team movie dates and meeting dance parties. We want to bring joy and fulfillment to everyone that comes in contact with us and THAT is something powerful to work for. We hope you love our product as much as we do. Together we can leap the bridal gown industry forward.


Thank you for your support-

Love Intentionally,


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