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The Art of a Convertible Wedding Dress

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The Art of a Convertible Wedding Dress

The two-piece wedding dress is often perceived for the bride looking to break tradition. If you google two-piece wedding dress, you will find tops and bottoms that can be interchanged, as well as options that show skin between pieces. Really, the flexibility is limitless when it comes to this mix-and-match trend.. and I love the fact that it's so versatile that it can be made to suit even the choosiest bride! When it comes down to it, all of these options have one common factor - brides are now allowed to customize based on personality and preference: all she needs to do is layer up—or take it off! Now, that's a trend I feel like many of us can jump on, am I right?!

I love the idea of customizing and making my dresses as unique as each bride. What I don't love is the look of an obvious skirt over a top, a super boho look that's beautiful for some brides, but too niche for all. What if you want the versatility of the two-piece gowns but the look of a full couture one-piece? That is what we are working to achieve!

Back when I worked at Disney, I was amazed at the ingenuity of their costume designs. They had to solve problems we designers never even think of, and it was the most inspiring factor in my wedding gowns. Think about it, when a dress can cost thousands of dollars, you need to be able to break it down in order to fix any tears or simply change a part of the garment without losing the rest of the costume. Most importantly, since bodies are often different sizes, this system allows for a size 4 top to be matched with a size 6 bottom... or vice versa. WHAAAT? Blown away.

Ok, time for a movie quote...
Defense- Objection, is there a point to this story?
Elle Woods- oh I have a point, I promise.
Judge- Then make it.

You Want the Perfect Fit

As always, quite brilliant! So I thought, why don't we make this accessible for all fabulous ladies? Many women are different sizes on top and bottom - and our dresses can address and eliminate the problems associated with that perfectly. Most of the time you won't even need alterations unless the hem needs to be raised up. Our system allows you to choose the right size for your body- top to bottom!

You Want to Create Your Own Look

Have you ever liked a top so much but the skirt doesn't thrill you? Or have a skirt made you swoon but the top was not exactly what you had in mind? The designer in us comes out to play when we are dress shopping, and it is about time we give her a voice! We are just getting started, but with our future collections, you will be able to choose the looks you want, the colors you want, the fabrics you want to make it your own and liberate your inner Miranda Priestly.

Rock That Gown Again & Again

Ok guys, so this is my favorite part of CV gowns... You can wear your dress again! A lot of love and labor goes into the production of your garment, wouldn't it be great if she has an opportunity to shine again? Pair that gorgeous lace top with tailored pencil trousers and wear them to your anniversary dinner. Or throw a colorful overlay to the skirt and wear it to another gala. White is always glamorous, and we can change the look with a fraction of the cost of a new dress.

You should be able to make the perfect dress, wear it and enjoy it at your wedding, then give it further purpose by enjoying it again. That is the beauty of sustainability and loving the clothes you are in! We just want to help you along the way! Thank you for reading.

Love Intentionally,

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