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Sustainable Wedding Fashion: Beyond the Wedding Dress

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Sustainable Wedding Fashion: Beyond the Wedding Dress

If it's not obvious already, I have a special place in my heart for wedding gowns with a twist. The twist is outdating an outdated industry and making them sustainable. To get an idea of the impact of wedding day fashion on the environment, did you know there are over two million weddings in the United States alone annually? I'm not big into math, but that means:

- Four million Mothers of the Bride and Mothers of the Groom
- 6.9 million bridesmaids (approximately!)
- And over 200 million females guests

YIKES! When we take those numbers into account, it's scary to consider the impact that 'fast fashion' can have on the industry as a whole.

Here are some ways that you can, as a guest, make a statement that doesn't leave a lasting impact on the environment.

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The Most Sustainable Fashion Lives Already in Your Closet

What you already own is the most sustainable garment. Not because it was made in a particular way, but because it already has a purpose. I know that social media frowns on us wearing the same thing twice, but this is something that I don't take seriously. I make a decision every day to be a better human because reducing waste is important to me. You know the funny thing is, I receive more compliments about my 'vintage' curated collection than I do my newer pieces. I am proud of saying "this old thing, you are too kind."

I have worn a yellow dress bought for a cousin's wedding four times already - yes, FOUR. It is gorgeous, comfortable and by now, paid itself over and over. But it's so common for women to feel uncomfortable reusing a dress repeatedly. No one complains when my boo wears the same exact suit, shirt, tie and shoes to every formal event. No one even bats an eye! So, why is the standard differently for women? I refuse that reality and substitute my own. People can say what they want- but if Princess Diana could do it, so can we! I encourage you to start challenging society's norms, too. Trust me, you'll feel like a badass going against the grain and you'll look gorgeous doing it.

Borrow a Dress

My best friend has a dress she purchased for a wedding that is SO dreamy, I can't wait to be invited to another wedding to wear it. I basically consider it part of my wardrobe ;). She also has worn my yellow dress to some of her events. It helps when your circle wears the same size and I can think of 3 different gowns I can borrow right now, from different people, that look fabulous, would be free, and totally sustainable!

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Purchase Second Hand

I try to sew all of my gowns for formal events.. it's kind of expected by now. Everyone knows I am a designer, and they ALWAYS ask 'did you make this?' But time is restricted with a business and a job, so I do have a secret in a time crunch. Most of my hassle-free dresses are pre-owned from eBay. Yeah, you read me right. Oh, the satisfaction I feel when I tell someone that the dress is from eBay and their face distorts into weird shapes. The frugal cost often makes them even more uneasy! In reality, most of the time I feel like people wish they had the idea themselves or the courage to purchase gowns online.. but now you know my secret. I dare you to try it.

It's understandable to feel unsure about sizing. But I have specific brands I like and I know my sizing for them. Also, vanity sizing is less extreme on gowns, they are based on dress-form measurements so you can read the size chart for that brand and get a good idea if it will fit.


Choose Sustainability

OK, so you don't have anything for this formal event, you don't have friends that wear your size and can't find anything second hand..what now? I came across Good on You, an online marketplace of ethical brands. I discovered this company because Emma Watson, one of my muses, endorses them. They have different categories and you can see the options available for the type of wedding you are attending. While there are many other sustainable options on the market, this is a must-see!

I hope this has helped you become a little more sustainable beyond the wedding dress and ready for your next wedding. If you have any other tips, I look forward to hearing them - and trying them myself.

Love Intentionally,

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