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Splurge vs Save on Your Wedding Day

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Splurge vs Save on Your Wedding Day

Weddings have a tendency to be quite pricey. From flower arrangements, photographers, music, food, venue, wedding planner/ coordinator, cake, alcohol, dress, shoes, party favors, bridal party gifts, hair, and makeup... the list goes on and on. The average wedding price tag is usually 24 THOUSAND dollars! Ouch! Of course, we want to be smart with our budget, so on this Splurge vs Save day, what should you spend the money on? what should you save on? Well, don't fret, we got some ideas to share.


What Should You Splurge On?

Wedding Dress Alterations

They say the wedding day is all about the bride... and while all eyes are on you, that dress should fit like a glove. Weddings dresses can be pricey, so of course, you want to go ahead and pay for good alterations. Let's be real, the wedding dress is most likely the most couture dress we will wear in our lives. Couture is about having clothes made specifically for your body- the next best thing? Having a dress beautifully fitted does the trick.


Open Bar

Some people are naturally charismatic. Some people need a little stimulation to get loose and have a good time. Alcohol is good for stress relief because it has wonderful anxiolytic (“anti-anxiety”) properties, meaning it can inhibit anxiety or the feeling of stress. An open bar can be pricey, but it is also very generous of you. However, the guests will certainly appreciate it. I have always gone to open bar weddings, I have one drink, others have 10... it balances out and everyone has a good time.

Late Night Buffet

After a family wedding, I remember the bridal party, and some guests, crossing the street from the hotel to a local burger joint to have some food. The truth is that after drinking and dancing the night away, the best way to sober up is to eat. Technically the food doesn't really sober anyone up- but the act of eating itself will buy you time for the body to process the alcohol. Adding a late-night buffet will add more expense to the food tab but will be a nice, caring surprise for your guests.



Having your old college roommate to take the images of your wedding for free might sound appealing, but just remember that these pictures will be with you for the rest of your life. A very good photographer will bring a team and capture moments through the night, providing you with photographs that stir up fond memories of love and fun for years to come. You are already spending a substantial amount of money on the party of your life, go ahead and document it the best way possible!

What Should You Save On?


One of the most exciting trends in the sustainable lifestyle is to reuse. So how amazing is it to reuse a beautiful vintage piece? Or even better, a priceless family heirloom! Good accessories can have a hefty price tag, so borrowing is a great way to save some money and still look flawless on your big day.

The Dress

The average wedding dress is about $1,400. When you think of the labor, materials and time spent on these pieces, the price tag makes complete sense. There are still ways to save on the dress! One of them is to reuse a dress from a family member, another way is to buy a two-in-one dress. Hint-Hint, Wink-Wink. Many women use a second dress for the reception, 11% of women wear the third dress! Buying a convertible dress allows you to have limitless looks for a combined price. For example, my styled looks include one top and two skirt options for the price of one dress. So go ahead and save on a dress that keeps on giving.


We love the idea of also using it after the wedding, for another formal occasion, just change the top or the bottom for another color, or add an overlay!  These quick changes will have you looking fresh and being super sustainable in the future. 


Take advantage of the digital era! You can purchase beautiful templates from sites like Etsy for ridiculously cheap prices. I went looking for birthday invitations and I think it cost 11 dollars or something like that. Still, maybe you want romantic physical invitation on the mail, so maybe you can consider doing them yourself for half the cost!

So there you have it! Your wedding should be a fun, feel-good day meant to pe special. Go ahead and splurge, indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure. Just remember to savor the indulgence; have a drink with your guests, EAT something and have a bite at the Late-night buffet- after all, your guests are there to celebrate you and will feel like VIP rockstars when they get to share these little moments with you on the wedding day!

As always,
Love Intentionally,

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