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My Fav 5 Puerto Rico Wedding Venues

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My Fav 5 Puerto Rico Wedding Venues

You know, for brides with a little travel-envy!

Ok, I don’t really like bragging but, for this post, I will make an exception. I live in a tropical paradise. The seasons are nonexistent, the sun shines 80% of the time and the foliage takes my breath away on a daily basis. I can’t believe my eyes when I look out the window or when I go for a drive. To me, seeing clear, fresh bright blue skies in contrast with rows of lush green palm trees is truly wonderful.

So of course, getting married here has its benefits. First of all, Puerto Rico is a United States territory so you don’t need a passport and the currency is the same. Secondly, people who live here are generally welcoming, and generous - it’s easy to feel like part of the family. Third, the views are phenomenal. The wedding industry in Puerto Rico is fantastic, so anything from venues to music, to wedding props like photo booths are readily available. There are services to address any budget, so whatever your limit is, our island paradise has you covered.

Alright alright alright, let’s get down to business. So now that you’re curious about my little oasis, I bet you’re wondering: what are my favorite wedding venues in Puerto Rico? I’ll tell you! Although it is hard to narrow it down because there are different types of people and budgets and styles... these are a few that wow me every time!

Hotel El Convento

Jose Ruiz Photography

This hotel is smack in the middle of Old San Juan. This city is over 500 years old and was built by Spaniards who first settled here. Some of the streets are old cobblestones with rich values of blues.. an absolute dream! Fun fact: El Convento used to be a convent. There are gorgeous architectural archways, dark wool balustrades and it has the coolest black-and-white checkerboard  flooring in the ballroom. It’s this detail that really makes couples over-the-moon to capture wedding photos here.

Also, You can also capture  unforgettable pictures along the streets of Old San Juan and are just a few steps away from the original entry into the city, with the ocean right behind it. Picture Perfect!

La Hacienda Siesta Alegre

Jose Ruiz Photography

It seems like every time I like a picture of a wedding outdoors is in a Hacienda. And most of the time? It is in La Hacienda Siesta AlegreThey have a gorgeous wooden patio with hanging lights, an archway covered in green plants and it’s full of flowers (hello, opportunity to save $$!!)! The entire venue is decked out with natural foliage that look quite fantastic in pictures. 

My favorite picture is from my friend, local photographer Jose Ruiz of a couple caught in the rain. They were so in the moment and the resulting images looks like they have an halo around them. Cause you know, sometimes you get to sing in the rain. BTW, they say that if it rains on your wedding day, the marriage will last a lifetime. Take it as a blessing, Puertorriqueño!!

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Jose Ruiz Photography

Ok. This one is actually a dream.  Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve is so incredibly beautiful that it made me cry the first time I saw it. Not only if the hotel what dreams are made of, but weddings also look priceless there, too. The gardens are beautiful, the ocean views are gorgeous.. ultimately, the venue looks simply amazing.

Even if you are simply staying there treat yourself to a day at the spa, followed by some time by the pool. Watch the sunset over the ocean's horizon while sitting on the edge of the water, drinking a piña colada (they were invented in Puerto Rico), and pat yourself on the back for being so cool! 

Casa España

Jose Ruiz Photography
Casa de España, located in Old San Juan, is the headquarters of a private social organization whose members are of Spanish descent. The building dates from 1934 and has a great architectural vibe. The most beautiful spot for photos is definitely the inner courtyard! This courtyard is in the center of the building and is surrounded by archways and columns two stories high.  The handrails are made of dark wood balustrades and are simply gorgeous.

I attended a family wedding here and the cocktail hour was held at the courtyard. They also had Pleneros! ‘Los Pleneros’ means musicians who play ‘la plena,’ a traditional Puerto Rican music inspired by African ancestors, done with hand percussions.  Many Puerto Rican weddings include this musical treat around midnight to get everyone super excited and involved in the festivities.

Antiguo Casino

For years, I saw fashion shows and bridal photoshoots at Antiguo Casino - a mystical place with white crown moldings, gilded mirrors, and high ceilings. Antiguo means antique, so of course, this building is grand. I have a goal - I want to do a bridal fashion show there!

I attended a wedding there recently and let me tell you, the food is superb and the service was exceptional (note: the mushroom cream soup is delectable). This is actually a government-owned building, so it’s mandatory to use their catering services as it is an all-or-nothing deal. But it is well maintained and definitely fitting for a wedding reception. This is also in Old San Juan, so what can I say? The structures are stunning in this part of the city!

So, What next?

So there you have it guys. My favorite Pinterest-worthy locations for weddings in Puerto Rico. But I barely scratched the surface of all the possibilities! There are so many hotels, restaurants, haciendas available that the hardest part will be narrowing down your list to five!

A huge Thanks to Jose Ruiz for graciously allowing me to use his pictures on this post- he is extremely talented so check him out! 

Thank you for reading and as always,
Love Intentionally,

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