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Finding the Right Wedding Dress Fit

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Finding the Right Wedding Dress Fit

Congratulations!  If you are looking for fitting guides it must mean that you are serious about purchasing a wedding dress and one step closer to your trip along the aisle. Purchasing a dress can be a daunting task, so many options- so many possibilities!  

One of the primary concerns about wedding dress shopping is what is the most flattering wedding dress silhouette for your body type?  Well, you are not alone! There is a reason why some silhouettes are better for a body type and it has to do with the way the lines of the dress compliment the body shape.  



We have put together a list of common body types and the best silhouettes for them! There are 4 main shapes for the female body, these are Apple, Pear, Rectangle, and Hourglass.  What is important to remember is that shape and size are not mutually exclusive. You can be Pear in size 2 or a pear in size 22. So what’s the deal? Read along and become a silhouette expert.



Apple-shaped ladies usually have an average to big bust along with broad shoulders.  We are fullest around the middle so the waist is bigger in measurement than the bust and hips. 

The styling goals for Apple ladies is to elongate the torso and create the illusion of a waist.  Deep plunging V necks are great for this as they start wide at the shoulders and the plunging V creates optical illusion of a smaller waist. Magical! For bottoms, consider A-flair skirts, these types of skirts do not add volume at the waist while the flare creates contrast, making the waist seem smaller by comparison to the skirt’s sweep.  

Suggested Convertible x Carla Valcarcel Styled Set: Modern Glamour

Other Style Options: Sofia Deep V Top, Eunice A-line Skirt & Daniela A-line Skirt





Pear-shaped ladies usually have narrow shoulders with a smaller bust, a well-defined waist with full hips and thighs. 

The styling goals for Pear-shaped ladies is to enhance waistline and add volume to the upper body and shoulders to visually balance the silhouette.  Boatnecks, cowls, wide V necks and some off-shoulder styles will work well for this purpose. For skirts, a ballgown, A-line or a Mermaid/Sheath skirt will do wonders. These type of skirts will accentuate the waist while allowing for a romantic silhouette.

Suggested Convertible x Carla Valcarcel Styled Set:Exquisite Simplicity

Other Style Options: Irene Lace Bustier, Ava Trumpet Skirt, Carrie Gathered Skirt




Ladies with a rectangle shape don't have a lot of curved.  The bust is small to average with a well-aligned shoulder to hip ration.  The waist is not very defined.

The styling goals for rectangle ladies is to create the illusion of curves by defining the waist.  If you have lean arms and legs, flaunt them! The horizontal lines created by off-shoulder and strapless necklines provide an optical illusion of width.  Similarly, you can add volume at the right places with a ballgown type of skirt, reducing the waistline appearance. Sheath skirts look great on you as well, just make sure to use a nice accent belt to snag the attention of your guests while defining your waist!

Suggested Convertible x Carla Valcarcel Styled Set:Chic Romance

Other Style Options: Gabriela Sweetheart Top, Carrie Gathered Skirt, Yari Gathered Skirt




Hourglass gets the name from the antique hourglass timers because it means you have a full round breast, a matching rounded and proportionate buttocks as well as a much smaller waist.  

Your styling goal is to flaunt those curves and look fantastic.  The hourglass torso works well with strapless pieces as well as deep V necks. There are many bottoms that work with the hourglass figure, starting with the mermaid or trumpet skirt. These skirts truly accentuate the curves of the body for a sultry look.  

Suggested Convertible x Carla Valcarcel Styled Set:Classic Beauty

Other Style Options: Gabriela Sweetheart Top, Marie Sheath Skirt, Daniela A-line Skirt



There you have it guys! A designer’s perspective to body types and dress silhouette. Just remember, wear what makes you happy and confident, because a dress does not make the bride, The bride makes the dress!


Love Intentionally,


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Pilar Borrero
Pilar Borrero

August 17, 2019

Hermosos y prácticos. Me encantan.

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