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Fabrics That Inspire Us

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Fabrics That Inspire Us

Fabrics are integral to our lives. They are practical! We keep warm in them, sleep in them, dry with them, clean with them and some of us even hang from them! (aerialist in da house ;) We also express ourselves with them!


However, fabrics have a hefty cost to our environment. Greenpeace reports that the average person buys 60% more clothes and keeps them for half as long as they did 15 years ago.  With that in mind, what are the best types of fabrics for us to use?

 CV-Silk Duchesse Satin

Fiber vs fabric

Fabrics are made of thread-like filaments.  They are weaved together using different techniques and this creates different textures.  This is how silk can be satin, shantung, dupioni or knit.  The fiber is silk, the fabric is satin.  You can have satin made with other types of fiber, like polyester or even cotton (cotton satin is called Sateen).


Natural fibers

Not all fabrics are created equal, so here is a little information on the best types of fabrics for your skin and the environment. The very best fabrics for everyday wear are made of natural fibers. Natural fibers are produced from plants, animals and geological processes. Examples of natural fibers are cotton, wool, silk, hemp, jute, bamboo, and linen.  These fabrics breathe beautifully and help regulate your body temperature. You can find natural fabrics for any occasion; casual, business and formal wear.  Organic natural fibers might take 1 month to 5 years to decompose. 


 quote by Stella McCartney

Synthetic fibers

Fibers that are made in a lab with chemical synthesis are made from synthesized polymers of small molecules and are called Synthetic Fibers. The compounds that are used to make these fibers come from raw materials such as petroleum-based chemicals or petrochemicals. That essentially means that they are basically plastic. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, spandex, and nylon will eventually break down but may take between 20 and 600 years to happen.  Also, they have higher methane emissions in the process. Yikes!


There is a place for synthetics in our lives. Synthetic fibers often have the same look as natural fibers and are much cheaper to produce. There is a debate on whether upcycled plastic fibers are “really a good thing” but I believe that anything that can provide new life to discarded items is positive.  Also, we recommend recycling clothes so that they can be used as many times as possible. 

 Our fabric is made from upcycled water bottles


Formal gowns are worn on limited occasions, are usually dry cleaned, and limit microplastics from entering water sources.  Our polyester is sustainably made in Taiwan and is composed of 50% upcycled water bottles.  Our fabric manufacturer is focused on the welfare of its employees, members of the supply chain, and the public, and are committed to creating an equal and safe work environment.  The company uses solar power as part of its production process and closed water circuits to reduce water pollution.   You can read more about them here.  


We will work to become as sustainable as possible as we grow, we hope you are excited as we are to have a positive impact on our community and the world we live in!


Love intentionally,


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