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Get Creative for Your Wedding Day!

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Get Creative for Your Wedding Day!

Have you ever heard the saying "I don't have a single creative bone in my body?" Well, that's probably because I grabbed an extra handful from the genetic pool! Sorry, not sorry (haha!)

Sometimes I just go over my DIY Pinterest board to feel excited about the possibilities of future projects - and get inspired for what's to come. The truth is: I love building things, creating things and feeling the satisfaction of saying 'I made that!' and I'm fortunate to work in an industry that allows me to do this on the daily.

Weddings are so incredibly personal, I bet many of you have ideas that you'd like to implement but feel overwhelmed by the idea of actually trying to do it yourself. Maybe you have zero creativity and are afraid that your project will be a Pinterest-worthy meme that says 'expectation vs reality', you know the ones I am talking about, with very ugly looking cakes that were meant to look magical? Yup. So here is another saying for you - 'It is not what you got, it is who you know, and what they've got.' If you can't do something yourself, hire someone who can bring that magique for you. You can take credit for the inspiration, at least ;).

Here are some other thoughts when you start wedding planning and make your day totally stand-out, but don't know where to start (so many ideas, so little time!!)

Pinterest is Your Friend

Any time I start a new project, I have one word for you: Pinterest. Color schemes, themes, ideas.. the list goes on and on. Pinterest is also an incredible source of DIY projects that give you step-by-step instructions on how to get creative. Read the blogs, ask them questions, but most importantly, test it out!

My best suggestion is to look at the pictures that inspire you and pay close attention to the details. What fabrics are they using? What colors have they chosen? What type of elements? Are the smooth? Are they textured? Are they far apart? Are they placed close together? If you pay attention to the details, you can come pretty close to their design. Get enough materials to give it a go and try it out. Once you are content with the results, get your posse involved.

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A Bridal Party Pride

There is something beautiful about your 'pride,' you know, that fantastic group of lionesses in your circle that makes life better and always has your back? Yep, that's what I'm talking about... they can be a huge asset when getting creative for your wedding! It is safe to say that I was the most creative person in my cousin's bridal party, but when it came to implementation, we all had a role to play. We had a bridal party get together that included our moms and together we busted out 125 invitations with gorgeous lace and stone buckles. I'm talking about assembly line-style... and we had such a blast in the process!

Can you imagine having a wine and cheese party with your gals, busting out your creative side and creating something special for the wedding? I sure can! And it sounds like a mighty good time.

Simple is Beautiful

I had a party last weekend and I used empty wine bottles, mason jars and repurposed glass jars to hold flowers. The water in the glass jars gave a little dimension and the twine I wrapped around them added a little something-something to the look. I already had all of these things at home, but I have seen beautiful wedding decorations that consist of the very same things! Although I bought the flowers, with a little inspiration, I got creative with things I had at home. Repurposing is awesome!

Have a 'Day Of' Coordinator

Don't even think about being creative on your actual wedding day. That's your time to truly sit back and enjoy it! If you can hire a professional wedding planner - that is fantastic! If that is too much, a Day Of Coordinator can take the implementation off your plate and leave you feeling relaxed.

If you can't afford one, maybe you can gather some of your more creative family members and have them help with set up. I usually provide a plan, layout and supporting images when delegating work- what can I say- sometimes I can be a total control freak. But hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem.


Hopefully, you are feeling a little more confident in your abilities and can remember that being creative is all about studying inspiration and trying it out - also, remember to use your resources! Maybe you can't really make beautiful bows, but cousin Mary can! Score!

Create Intentionally ;),



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