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Common Misconceptions About a Convertible Wedding Dress (and the Online Shopping Process!)

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Common Misconceptions About a Convertible Wedding Dress (and the Online Shopping Process!)

You know that booth at the mall or street vendor during one of your vacations, where they sell you that convertible dress that can be worn  101 different ways? Yep, you guessed it... I bought into it, too. But does it really work, or is it too good to be true? Below are the top three most common misconceptions about convertible gowns, afterward, we talk about what makes us different from the rest of the options on the bridal scene.


wrap-around dress

Misconception #1:   All Convertible Dresses are Wrap-Arounds

My choice was a red jersey number with two long rectangles from the waist up. You could wrap it several different ways and have never-ending looks, all-in-one. Awesome! I bought my magical garment on a trip to Argentina and I was in love.. I thought: This had to be the most amazing buys of my life! And let me tell you, I wore that thing at least... an incredible... shocking... five times.  

Why? I don't like to fidget with my clothes. I don’t want to move elements into place and to feel self-conscious of how the garment is shifting. I don’t want to worry that my pictures will look bad because it keeps moving out of place... When you Google “convertible dress,” you will see 25 different variations of that very dress I mentioned! And guess what? Most of the images are of happy bridesmaids! Sure, they might work for one night, but that is not the sustainability Carla Valcarcel is built upon. With that said, we believe we can do better than that by creating convertible gowns that look and make you feel amazing!


separates dancing

Misconception #2:   All Convertible Dresses are Separates andLookLike Separates

This has an element of truth to it.  When you look at convertible dresses online, most are mix-and-match options where you choose a top and a bottom and off you go!  There is nothing wrong with this. After all, I find myself drooling over some gorgeous skirts all the time. The only problem I have as a wearer is that I feel like the pieces will go on different directions and end up untucking through the night. Plus, I want to have a full gown experience for my wedding... I already wore two pieces at prom night! Been there, done that.

Misconception #3:  Two-in-One Dresses are Simply a Big Skirt over a Mini Skirt

I see this when searching two-in-one dresses online all the time, the proverbial strapless short lace dress with a big skirt over it. Then at the reception, you remove the big skirt and reveal the shorter dress. Voila. It really is that simple to have a two-in-one dress! 

This is almost better than separates because at least you know your midsection will remain hidden as you dance the night away. We are totally not judging - if you want to show your midriff then more power to you! I personally don't like MY tummy showing so there goes that.


Why Are We Different?

Here is the stitch, Carla Valcarcel Bridal thinks convertible dresses should solve all the misconceptions labeled above, and then some. We want to provide lots of customization, a full gown structure and fit, and the convenience of the traditional two-in-one dress with easy assembly.

When we say a convertible wedding dress, we mean a dress and not a wraparound! We don't mean a top and bottom, either, that may or may not come untucked. The dresses we offer are tops attached to skirts (or pants), with the possibility of adding accessories to further style your look. Our patent-pending design allows this to happen easily and without fuss, plus offers the added bonus of using the whole dress, or parts of it, again for future formal events. That part is a CV favorite!! 

That being said, there are some additional misconceptions for us to overcome when it comes to the internet and wedding dress shopping experience.  



Buying off the Internet is Not Secure

I am not going to lie - sometimes this can be true and you have to be careful, however, our store is registered with one of the largest, safest and most popular eCommerce platforms in the world:Shopify. 

Every month, hundreds of people search Google to ask  'Is Shopify Safe?' Let's put that question to bed by confirming once and for all that yes, Shopify is safe so you can be assured that your payment information and personal data is secure.  

If you are worried about the seller’s responsibility (it's ok, we won't take offense to that), you can always pay using Paypal. This platform offers buyer’s protection so that if you are scammed, Paypal will respond to you. Let me tell you, I pay EVERYTHING over the internet via Paypal when possible.   


gown fittins

Sizing for Wedding Dresses is very Different from Regular Dresses

This is partially true as well. Have you ever wondered why men purchase size 32 while we purchase size 2? Have you ever heard of vanity sizing?  Well, vanity sizing means that fashion houses reduce the number of their sizing to make women feel smaller. The problem with this is that one brand you wear M, the other 10, the other 12… it is really quite confusing.  

Wedding gowns are usually sized based on dress form measurements. It would really be easier if we just measure our waists (like men do) and call THAT the size.  Regarding your size, not to worry! Cala Valcarcel Bridal has a nifty app that allows you to take two pictures of yourself wearing form-fitting clothes and the app will do the measuring for you. So whatever our shop says is your recommended size, trust the system and go with the flow. This will ensure your best fit.


bridal party

But... I Want My Bridal Party There

This one is tough to beat. My best words of wisdom here … the wedding dress should make YOU happy first and foremost. If picking from our assortment and customizing the look makes you happy, please let us help! We suggest having a wedding dress reveal with your fabulous tribe and invite them over for some wine, cheese and wedding dress show!  Just be careful with that wine ladies! 

If you are not satisfied with the pieces you have selected, you can return within seven days of receipt, unworn, tags in place, no wine stains, for a full refund. We will just ask you to pay for return shipping. Rest assured that we only want happy brides and happy reviews of our services and gowns. 

I hope we have given you a better feel for convertible gowns and the endless possibilities they possess, as well as some peace of mind for your wedding dress buying decisions. Let us know if you have any questions or additional blog topic ideas in the comments below!

Love Intentionally,


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